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Explore your professional interests and ignite your entrepreneurial drive with Summer Discovery’s pre-college tuition-based programs at UNC Chapel Hill

In our summer programs, students are taken on a focused, hands-on exploration of multiple career options, introducing them to the fundamentals of the disciplines and instilling in them the cutting-edge skills necessary for future success in their chosen careers. Students can choose between our Career Accelerator program, which provides a practical, project-based introduction to medicine and engineering, and our Inc. Young Entrepreneurs program, designed to fuel their entrepreneurial drive and accelerate personal and professional development.

At UNC Chapel Hill, you’ll get the chance to interact with leading industry professionals while exploring some of the defining features of North Carolina’s famous landmarks with other high school students. If your interests extend into areas such as technology and coding, our strategic placement right at the heart of the hottest research area in the country puts you in an optimal position to pursue those interests and upgrade your skills.

Discover Your Potential Through Enriching Academic Programs

Pursue your academic and professional interests across multiple career paths with a specialized education that allows you to:

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Embark on an Academic Adventure in America’s First Public University

UNC Chapel Hill makes up one-third of the world-famous Research Triangle, offering you a wonderful opportunity to engage in accomplished project-based learning while immersing yourself in a truly fascinating university culture and making new friends. Learning is not restricted to the classroom; students will get the chance to visit such interesting locations as Google and Duke University while engaging in other fun activities such as:

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Our college prep programs are offered in multiple locations, allowing you to discover your potential and increase your personal and academic growth at top-tier universities across the United States as well as in England, including:

Through tuition-based learning, you can prepare for college at one of the world’s most renowned schools, where you can develop impressive business and life skills under the guidance of our supportive staff and instructors.

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